Long time no blog, here’s a new video out of Mattie Buys edited by Ryan Vogel. Sick Riding Bud Yeeeew

West Coast Wakeskate Jam from Dylan Mitchell on Vimeo.

So the West Coast Wakeskate Jam was a success! We had a decent turnout, the riders all had fun and the level of riding was awesome! Here’s a little video of highlights that Dylan Mitchell and Chris Rogers put together. A Big thanks to all of the sponsors who supported the event, MB Sports Southern Africa, Monster Energy SA, Watersports Warehouse/Bern Helmets, Ronix SA and Wake2Wake.co.za

Dylan's first 900 from Dylan Mitchell on Vimeo.

I got to see something really special this past Saturday, Dyl stuck his first wake to wake ts 9. Luckily I was filming, although when he landed I went a little crazy so its abit shaky, IT WAS HIS FIRST FRIGGING 9! Needless to say everyone one the boat and chase boat was super stoked, Well done buddy!

Nick Taylor at CWC from Joey Arcisz on Vimeo.

Nick Taylor Killing the CWC Winch Park!

Video By: Joey Arcisz and iWAKE.COM

Dale and dyl take lil sesh at MAC from Dylan Mitchell on Vimeo.


the latest video of my buddy Dale Nieuwstad and I having a little session at MAC this past weekend. Dale didn’t have the nicest water, so his set was cut short, BUT that didn’t stop him from smashing a solid line!!


Yoh! It’s been awhile since I posted, summer is now in full swing and I’m stocking up on footage and photos and hopefully will get more stuff up soon, in the mean time here’s a vid Dyl put together from the weekend. Enjoy

Dale and Dyl take a sesh at bon ez from Dylan Mitchell on Vimeo.

On the day that Dyl and I filmed the Trick Ski Video, we Actually did get some wakeskating done in the Morning, I ended up hurting my back on a wake jump into the flats and had to cut my set short. Anyway Dyl filmed everything and put this little edit together. Enjoy

Let's Rip It from Dale Nieuwstad on Vimeo.

I’m just going to leave this here, I’ll comment later

Scott Stewart: Global Rider Search from Jen GilanFarr on Vimeo.

Scott Stewart - Winner of Buywake and Liquid Force’s Global Rider Search V.2 Competition, This guy RIPS!!! Can’t believe he wasn’t already pro.


Weekend Sesh 03.10.2010 from Dale Nieuwstad on Vimeo.

Short Edit that I threw together from the weekend. Delivered as promised.

Fakie 9, WHHAAAAT Bob is the man!